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What will your Legacy be?

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What will Your Legacy Be?

Living Her Legacy's mission is Recognizing Women. Inspiring Girls.

The Circle of 50 is a dynamic group of 50 women who are passionate about:

*Recognizing the Accomplishments of Women

*Inspiring Young Girls to fulfill their Dreams and Goals

*Girl Leadership Programs for Girls 16-19 yrs old + Teen Mom's

*Role Model Art Workshops for 5th-8th Grade Girls

*Being a Community Catalyst for Women's Empowerment in NO CO

5 Reasons to Join the LHL Circle of 50:

1. Exclusive Annual Members Luncheon

2. Meet like-Minded Women of Philanthropy

3. Listing in Exclusive membership Directory

4. Priority Seating at all LHL events.

5. Welcome Gift

We already have three women who have joined our Circle of 50 Sponsors. Join them today.

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