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Honor Women in Your Life

Let's Inspire Girls Futures Together

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Join us in our movement to inspire girls to dream big.

Create Lasting Impact!

We are creating a generation of change makers who will impact their communities and the girls who come behind them, with our art exhibit and education program for girls. Help us raise $6000 by DEC 31, 2021.

A Girl Leader participant wants to pursue further education in legal field to help kids who grew up as she did in foster care. Your support will embolden girls from 5th grade through 19 years old including teen mom's to know that they can pursue their big dreams with support of women surrounding them.

Join our Monthly LHL Giving Circle TODAY, by changing your one time donation to monthly, to Inspire Girls Futures. We are introducing our monthly giving program. Join us in investing in Recognizing Women's accomplishments and Inspiring Girls in our community to become change makers.

Designate your donation to a women in your life with a note in the donor scroll.

This monthly giving campaign can be initiated with a $7 or more per month donation as we are in our 7th year of this Historic, public art/education project for our community. You can write in the $7 per month or any amount with a 7 in it, if you want when you change to a monthly donation.

Please contact Patti Smith with any questions about our program costs. The amounts are suggestions for monthly or any donation as we begin our monthly donor program.

The monthly or one time donor contributions will go towards our general budgets (Portrait installation, Girl Leaders program, 5th Grade Girl Role Model Intergenerational art workshops and operations).

There is an option for a monthly donation on this page as well.

I look forward to visiting with anyone with questions who wants to learn about specific areas of our work. Contact Patti at pas843@comcast.net or 970-988-8529.